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Hello All

I just had my financial Statement exam this morning with Bpp and I can say it was manageable.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attempt question 2 task 1, which was to do with Ratio calculations . I could view the additional information and the first few lines of the question, but could not view the Ratios in question, and also had no space to answer the question.

I raised the query with the Bpp invigilator and he mentioned that he will have to send a report to AAT and get them to invstigate it.

Has anyone come across this problem, if so how was it resolved. I am worried that i will not get my exam marked fairly due to this.

Many thanks


  • Nps
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    I'm fairly sure that something similar happened to me in my Indirect Tax exam. I was asked to fill out a return and I'm sure only half of it was shown. The tax return was cut off very abruptly and it looked like there should have been a scroll bar there, but there wasn't. The question was far too short and basic for the marks available so I'm pretty sure that there was a problem.

    I passed anyway so didn't need to raise it but I thought it might help to know that you are probably not the first it has happened to.

    I've also had an issue where my screen just froze and I was booted out of my exam, it took the invigilator three attempts to get it up and running again, before I could continue. The time left for the exam also froze so I didn't lose time as such, but I did have to redo a page of answers so it may have been an issue if I had been running short of time. Luckily those types of things don't faze me, but I imagine if someone was already nervous and panicking, it could mean the difference between a pass and a fail.

    I hope you get it all sorted (or rather that you pass anyway so you don't need to sort it!)
  • Trish80
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    Thank you for sharing your experience and am glad you passed anyways after what you went through. Thought i was the first.

    I also waisted a few minutes of my exam trying to explain to the inviligilator. I do hope that it will be sorted. Guess i will have to patient and see what happens.
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