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Just wondered if anyone has registered a UK business for French VAT for breaching the Euro100,000 distance selling thresholds. Any pointers on how to do this would be appreciated. I have searched the web but not getting anywhere, thanks.


  • Stephanie
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    Hi Ras
    According to the French law, the VAT will be taxed on all the sales in the country where the sellor is based if the sales will not exceed the threshold in the other europeen country in France the Threshold is £100.000.
    If the amount exceeds the threshold, the VAT will be accounted for in the country where the goods will arrive (the buyer). The form you need to use to declare is CA3 CA12.
    Do you speak french? If your customer needs someone to help with French Import/Export, Credit control
    and some administration or presentation in French. I can help with that.
    Do not hesitate to contact me if you need some help.
  • RAS
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    Stephanie, thanks for your reply. I dont speak French but the client has someone in the family that is French. Is the form CA3 CA12 the form that is required to register for French VAT? Dont suppose any idea where you can download this form from? thanks
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