Reverse calculate wages from Net pay

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Hi all.

A good mate of mine running a small buisness with a couple of employees.

He has just had to take over the day to day paperwork of the buisness from his wife upon doing so discovered she had been working out the tax and NI from a web site "Listen to the tax man" or somthing like that but has kept no records at all or made no payments to HMRC. :crying:

In order to recreate his accounts he needs to back calculate his employees gross pay, NI and employers NI based soley on the employes Net pay

Is there a formula or a way to do this?

Any help at all would be most helpfull :001_smile:



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    Not used it myself, but try this website -
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    I Like T.C's link

    Couple of notes, make sure the final figures for the year are all correct and seek some advice from an accountant to file the P60's

    Also Payroll is changing in 2013/2014 (April 6th) for RTI.

    HMRC have a free toolkit for doing payroll but i don't really rate it it seems to overcollect tax. A local accountant may be able to manage the payroll for as little as £10 per month on top of an intial setup fee, a small amaount for getting all the tax right (not underpaying the staff and overpaying tax) and not being penalised by HMRC for incorrect payroll
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    He could try Moneysoft's Payroll Manager free for a month. That does net pay calculations, so he could take advantage of the free period, and after that it's good software, reasonably priced.

    I don't work for them, by the way.
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