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I gained full membership after passing level 4, in June of last year.

And apart from buying cakes for people in the office haven't done much since , just got on with work.

A friend has approached me this evening asking if I would be willing to act as her accountant.

Two main questions;

Firstly what need to do I do if I say yes apart from getting insured.

Secondly, the business she's set up is in the Adult enjoyment arena, so is there anything I need to be aware of in particular!

Help/advice please!


  • T.C.
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    You will need to register as a member in practice. If you call AAT there will be someone who can go through it all with you. Good luck.
  • AuntieT
    AuntieT Registered Posts: 96 ? ? ?
    I've e-mailed them.

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