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Can anyone recommend a software package for a sales database? Lots of different customers, lots of different items sold. Need to be able to search to find a job using either a surname, address or product.

Doesn't necessarily need to be linked to accounting package. If it was Excel-based that would be an advantage.



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    Haven't you already answered your own question in stating Excel?

    If you're a medium to advanced user, new versions of Excel offer very powerful database tools. And two of the main advantages are 1) that probably you and just about the entire world already have it and 2) you can readily adapt the data being stored yourself without having to pay external software engineers to make bespoke amendments to some other package in order to fit your future requirements.

    Of course it depends on volume of products and clients. If it's tens of thousands and needs to directly extract from something else such as a sales order processing system then probably not... but if not, worth considering.
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