EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme Certificate and claim to relief.

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Please can someone give me some advice?
One of my customer issued some shares (30%) to a shareholder and last week she received a cheque from that shareholder's accountant asking her company to paid for the accountancy fees for applying on behalf of the shareholder an EIS Certificate that will enable him to claim income tax relief.
What I am asking here is:
The accountancy fees to apply for the EIS will be paid by my client's company where the man is an investor or
The accountancy fees should be paid by the man himself and when he is doing his return, should claim tax relief on it himself or his accountant?
Please your advice in this matter will be much appreciated.


  • scribes
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    I think you need to set out the questions in a more structured way,

    As far as I know the company would have to appy for the shares to be registered under EIS before it could be claimed by the individual.

    Have you seen the letter from his accountants?
  • Stephanie
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    Thank you for your reply Scribes.
    Yes I have seen the letter from the accountant. My client's business partner accountant applied on his behalf an EIS form because of the investment his client did to my client company. The accountant then sent the invoice he's own fees that is applying on the EIS Certificate of £1500 to my client asking her to pay for it and advice her that it is the company business expenses and not he's client expense.
    I just want to know if the advice was right or she should not agree it.
    Thank you.
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