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Hi All,

Could someone explain how to 'map' the project correctly i.e. Where do the numbers go? Does every paragraph need a new number?

Thank you!


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    Hi Molly,

    yep each paragraph needs a number. number each paragraph and page (e.g 1.1, 1.2, 1.3......2.1, 2.1, etc).

    Check with the mapping document. Read, which PIC and EAS goes with, which paragraph and page number. (e.g. 1.5 PIC and 2.1 EAS with paragraph 8.1 (fraud) on page 7).

    I Didn't like mapping!

    All the best xx
  • Mollypod88
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    Oh no this has really confused me :001_unsure:

    Do you know if AAT have provided any examples?
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    Hi sorry didn't mean to confuse you!....you can try on the practice assessment if there is one under ICAS.
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    ICAS Mapping

    Hi Molly,

    If you have a look at the link for the ICAS presentation and Report Quick Start Guide we put together this should give you an idea of the type of report layout and numbering systems to use and also an example of the mapping areas where they could be covered in each section of your report.


    So for starters an example report layout would be:

    3.0 Introduction
    3.1 This is an area.......
    Page -3-

    For the actual mapping of this information you will need to check the area being assessed in this example say it is PIC 1.1 and then record the location where this has been covered in your report next to this assessment area on your main mapping document.

    So this would look like where PIC 1.1 is shown in the mapping document template you would enter in the next column to it your own reference location from your report which would be in this example 3.1 (Page3).

    This is just a cross referencing system.

    The main part about it is that to pass this unit you must be able to demonstrate you have covered all the assessment areas criteria being asked of you in your report.

    I have attached for you a copy of the ICAS Guidance document to have a look at and help with your final mapping.

    Attachment not found.

    I hope this all helps.

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