AAT Syllabus question- I am done?

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I have been transferred onto new Module in 2010. I recall I had to complete 4 core units and 2 optional units. So far I have completed:
Professional ethics
Drafting Financial Statements
Business Taxation
Personal Taxation
Management Accounting
and ICAS- waiting for results. However I am not sure if I will be qualified once ICAS are successful? Could someone clarify please? As on my achievements page there is for some reason "Implementing auditing procedures" unit mentioned as the remaining assessments for this level.

Thank you.


  • guinea pig
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    Hi Talinka,
    You will need to get an official answer from AAT.
    For information, I completed last year, and for level 4 took 4 compulsory subjects; Fin statements, Fin performance, ICAS and Budgeting, and 2 optional subjects out of a choice of 4; Personal tax, and Credit management. The other 2 options were Business tax, and Auditing.
    Good luck,
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