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I am a member of both the AAT and ACCA. Because I have a ACCA practising certificate I am no longer a MIP under the AAT.

From time to time it would be useful to have additional support for more technical VAT/tax etc issues. I notice that the ATT MIP scheme gives you access to the CCH helpline. Just wondering if other MIPs find this service helpful and what other AAT MIP benefits have been useful.

If worthwhile I am considering rejoining the MIP scheme as well as retaining my ACCA certificate.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks


  • burg
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    The CCH helplines were replaced by the online service with helplines available at a reduced rate.
    There probably aren't a great deal of additional benefits over your ACCA membership but you will have very little extra to do.
    Your CPD should be covered by what you already do and the fees are fairly reasonable.

  • RAS
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    Ian, many thanks for your response. Does any MIPs use the reduced rate CCH helpline? If so, would you consider it value for money? Or does any MIP use any other similar helpline that they can recommend. Thanks
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    The CCH online service has always been sufficient for me, but access to the ICEAW helpline is included in the MIP fee, and is very useful for accountancy matters. The benefits I get from AAT membership are the free CPD events, networking, the mastercourses and online resources like the podcasts, webinars, the excel tutorial etc. Also the CPD is geared toward UK GAAP, so most of it is appropriate. There's no need to sift past all of the global and auditing info that ACCA seems to think is relevant to most of their members.

    Just out of curiosity, is the AAT okay with you practising without an AAT licence? I could be wrong, but I thought it was required under the AAT's regulations.
  • RAS
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    From memory, because I have a ACCA Practising Certificate then I am exempt from having to be a AAT MIP as well. However, I would rejoin the scheme if thought worthwhile.
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