Financial Performance Level 4 - Exam Review

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Hi all

I have completed the Financial Performance exam today and just wondered how anyone else whos done it found it?

The written questions I found tougher. Just hope you can still pass these exams despite not doing great on the written questions. Think I have done well enough on the other questions i.e. those marked by the computer.


  • eek
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    I too sat Financial Performance in Feb and I am still waiting for my results. I found section 2 very hard but sewction 1 was not too bad if you put the work in.
    I get muddled when they switch the way they ask the questions round, and add things into the questions that you end up doubting whether you need them.
    The written questions were not as bad as thought and glad I spent the time reading the blurb in the book rather than concentrating on the calculations all the time.

    Fingers crossed for us both that we pass
  • Hubble
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    Well I should tell you that even if you think you have certainly failed Financial Performance, you may be shocked to discover 4 to 6 weeks later that you've actually passed.
    This is what happened to me. I'd passed all the AAT exams on the first go and felt confident about FNPF before the paper as I'd done the work. It shook me up. The exam was tough. Easily the toughest so far. The questions test how you can apply your knowledge rather than just seeing the practice CBT's on the website and assuming that the exam will be like that. Mine wasn't. I guess sometimes we forget this is level 4 and we are expected to think like accountants at this stage in our studies. I didn't even finish the paper. I found it very time pressured even though I was working through it at what I thought was a safe pace.
    It was trying to decipher the scenario in the written sections that ate up most of my time. Anyway I didn't finish section 2 and was convinced I'd blown it, especially as there was another question in section 2 that threw me and I was convinced I'd made a mess of it. Got home after the exam and went through it in my head over and over trying to remember what I'd written and stressing about it and thinking about it and worrying about it....why do we do it to ourselves! I was ready for a big NYC and yet it came back "Competent". I was astonished.

    The point is you just never know. Even when you think it's all aint.

    I enjoy reading everyone's thoughts and comments on here. It's a great comfort to know that we're all going through the same emotions and insecurities.

    Good luck all.
  • Jo Clark
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    Congratulations on your FNPF Competent result Hubble :o
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • billdoor
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    I also sat FNPF last month and am waiting for the result. I found it to be the toughest exam yet (only my second on Level 4, having passed all of Levels 2 and 3 first time) and am not sure whether I passed.

    I'm happy with most of the computer marked questions and I was happy with my first written answer but the second written answer completely threw me. I just about finished before the time limit but I don't think my answer was good, or even if it was correct.

    I'm just hoping that the first written answer and the computer marked questions will be enough to see me pass.

    Good luck to all.
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