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I have had the feedback off my first draft but i do not know how to view this on learn plus.
I have been onto my learn plus and it is like everything has been reset to my first draft time.
I am lost now.


  • kiz89kiz89 New Member Posts: 7Registered

    I never had this problem but you can try clicking on the 'upload' button again see if any feedback comes up?..... my feedback used to be, put on learn-plus and sent to me via email..... maybe you can contact your tutor see if there was any feedback and explain you cannot upload it and if you can receive them via emails or if the tutor tries sending it again.....or contact AAT if the same problem occurs.

    best of luck x
  • NpsNps Experienced Mentor Posts: 782Registered
    I seem to remember that it is not where you would expect it to be. From memory, I think you need to get back to the screen where you can see the files you have uploaded. A little further down the screen you can click a link to the feedback. I think if you follow the procedure to upload another draft you will get to the right screen.

    Sorry that's a bit vague, it's been a while since I used it so it's all from memory, but I do remember the feedback being quite difficult to find the first time. I've just logged on to mine to try and refresh my memory but it looks like you can't access it once its been signed off.
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    Nps1976 is correct, just got mine back, click on upload files and it will be below your original uploaded files. Mine was the project with notes on and a feed back form from my tutor.
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    Agree with the above... go to the screen where you uploaded your file and if you enter the upload area you should be able to see the feedback loaded by your tutor.

    How was your feedback Jan? EMail if you prefer not to say here :)
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