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Can anyone help with Credit Management. There is only one practice assessment so not sure what to expect. Done green light and osbourne but not sure what else to try. Teacher not given any practice papers either


  • Morpheus1980
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    Hi Eek. I took my Credit Management exam last week. The practice exam on the AAT website was of a very similar format. As long as you can do the questions on Green Light and have practiced questions in your textbooks, you should be fine and well prepared.

    The best piece of advice I was given was that you should be comfortable explaining what the liquidity and profitability ratios mean. Do this, and you should be quids in.

    Good luck with the exam.
  • Stashy
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    If you're with Kaplan there are 4 mock exams on there that I took, but I felt they were a fair bit different to the main exam.
  • eek
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    Stashy - I am studying at college so using the osbourne books. Just doesnt seem a lot of info for this exam on website or in books.

    Morpheus1980 - thanks for that - will read up on them in the nest few days -
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