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Hi, I have one exam left to take for the AAT level 2 which is the computerised accounting. All the other exams I have completed as CBA's. I am just confused and needed some re-assurance :huh:
I can see the exam is taken via LearnPlus, I explained to Kaplan (my distance learning provider) that I use Sage everyday and whether I could provide work based evidence. They said this is not usual practice, and have been quite unhelpful with any questions I have asked! I have been using an external exam provider, whom state they can cater for this exam. Can someone confirm, when taking the exam I presume Sage must be downloaded onto the computer I am using so that I can input and print reports as requested? If this is the case, I should be able to complete the exam whilst at work (under supervision) on my home laptop with Sage installed on it? I just want to get this out of the way so I can start on level 3!!


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    Sorry, I can't help with the Sage issue as I did not do level 2, but did you know that you can start on level 3 before completing level 2? In fact there is no actual requirement to even sit level 2 if you don't want to.

    If you are keen to get started on level 3, just go for it. Don't let waiting around for one bit of level 2 hold you back.
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    I didn't realise you didn't have to complete level 2 until I saw another discussion on here the other day! Typical! Otherwise I would have started straight at level 3. I think I will just crack on with it now and see how I get on. Thanks for your reply though! :-)
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    AAT offer a CBP for CA, which it sounds like both Kaplan and your exam provider are talking about. Given your experience with Sage it may be easier for you to sit the Sage certification which exempts you from the CA module - of course it depends what you've already paid for with Kaplan, but the full self-study pack for Sage can be had for £100 direct from Sage (or a bit cheaper from me!), I think you can just pay for the certification exam on it's own if you don't need the home-study pack, which will be less still - when you think you're paying your exam centre probably £70+ per exam it's no difference and you probably won't need to do anything other than take the exam as you're already experienced...

    Maybe worth asking AAT direct if there's some kind of workplace evidence you can submit instead...
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    i sat my CA exam at work. i had my laptop with sage loaded on it, that is all you need to sit that exam. and the internet connection obviously. I don't think you even have to print the reports, you just save them on your drive and then uplaod to the learnplus platform.
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    I sat CA at level 2 and you have to download the question paper from learn plus but the activities are done through normal SAGE package. There are a few questions at the end that have to be completed and then uplaoded through learn plaus so that is why you are probably not allowed to do it through work based assessment anymore.

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