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carriecusick Registered Posts: 35 Epic contributor 🐘
Hello all,

I have my Personal Tax exam coming up soon and i'm wondering if anybody has any ways of remembering some of the rules (like PEARLS or DEAD CLIC).

Thanks in advance :001_smile:


  • omega man
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    I am afraid it is hard graft, study and of course practice.
  • Stashy
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    Agree with Omega, I found the best was way exam questions after exam questions, I did four mock exams in the couple of days leading up to the exam. That's the best way.
  • Jo Clark
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    Have you attempted the practice assesments on the AAT site? I agree with the advice given above... there is a lot to learn but you are provided with some details in the exam room via a pop up box (like in ITX).

    Good luck.
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  • babsa
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    It took me 9 weeks from start to finish with the PTX. That was starting over the easter holidays, (2 weeks break from college). Asked to be entered for the exam the first day back. (Monday). I got a date for a week that coming Friday and got my results back 5 weeks laters. :) This was self studied as the college I attended didn't do the tax units. It was hard work but the weather was nice so I was out in the garden. I set myself a 2 week study plan to work through the text book and question bank chapter by chapter. It paid off and a few other students I attended college with decided to self study PTX.
  • SamiH
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    All I can suggest is lots of practice and definitely learn the fines associated with errors, late payments and submissions of tax returns.

    I didn't brush up on those well, and a question on them came up in my assessment this morning.
  • Morpheus1980
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    Oh my, the Personal Tax exam this morning was hard! I went in feeling pretty confident that I had everything down pat and I felt that what I didn't know about tax, you could write on the back of a postage stamp with a marker pen. But it's all in the way that they ask the questions and I left feeling a bit uh-oh! Seeing as though it was my last exam, I really wanted to do well and avoid having to re-sit (which is something I haven't had to do yet at Level 4, though I didn't feel all that confident about CRMC either).

    Good luck to all those taking PTX soon. I'm sure you won't have the same experience as me. I guess learning a whole module in 3 weeks flat isn't such a good idea (just wanted to get it out of the way :001_smile:)
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