Can anyone help???

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I have studied AAT for a few years now and had completed the following:

Recording and evaluating costs& revenues
Maintaining financial records and preparing accounts
Drafting financial statements
External auditing
Business tax
Financial performance

All completed from 2009 to July 2012 with only the ICAS assessment to do.

However I have been told that I am missing some modules from the intermediate level as the qualification had changed and that not only do I have to complete the ICAS module from Level 4. I have to complete Level 3 modules of cash management, spreadsheets, indirect tax and professional ethics.

Can anyone confirm this is true? If so can I self study the remaining modules or do I have to find a tuition provider for modules such as spreadsheets?



  • Jo Clark
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    I think what you have been told is correct due to the structure of the qualification changing.

    With regards to self study, you can self study all the units without a tuition provider with the exception of Spreadsheets at Level 3 and ICAS at Level 4 as these are marked by an assessor from the provider and not by AAT directly.

    Hope this helps.

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