Can an AAT qualified person call themselves a qualified accountant?

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Good Morning Folks

Do you know if a person is AAT qualified, can they call themselves a qualified accountant?

What is the difference between an AAT qualified person and an acca or cima qualified person, in terms of what work they can & cannot carry out?



  • NeilH
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    Anyone can call themselves an "accountant", as for "qualified accountant" there may not be an official definition but I believe most people would consider a qualified accountant to be ICAEW/ICAS/ACCA/CIMA/CIPFA, where AAT qualified would be "accounting technician".

    In terms of what an ACCA/CIMA vs AAT can/cannot do, most work accounting services aree unregulated and can be performed by anyone regardless of qualification (if any qualification!). The exceptions are statutory audit, insolvency and financial services.

  • geek84
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    Thanks Neil
  • stevef
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    Also in Local Government, to be a section 151 Officer you have te a member of a CCAB body.
  • Clarekaye
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    I would say yes, just means your qualified at a different it will make me feel I have achieved alot :001_smile:
  • geek84
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    Hi Folks

    Thanks for your replies, so far.
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