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I don't know if any of you use a remote login to access client's computers, but I needed to do so today and used, it was free, quick, simple and the client was well impressed.

Here are the instructions if you are interested...

Client has to go to in their internet browser.
Client clicks ‘Basic’ under ‘Share’ screen, then click orange button.
Client will see a box pop up – click ‘Run’ then a small program is downloaded – takes 30secs.
Client will then have a black box appear on their screen with a 9 digit number present. They need to give this to us.

We go to in internet browser
We enter 9 digit number on right hand side of webpage screen, under ‘Join’. Click green button.

Client will have message appear that we want to view screen.
Client’s screen appears.

Click on ‘Pointer’ symbol
Select ‘Take Control’
Client will have to accept that we will be controlling screen.

When finished, just exit window.
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