AAT Qualification and going on to do a degree course

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Has anyone here completed the AAT and then got on to a unrelated degree (ie business)?

I know that I can get onto an Accounting degree course, but without A levels what chance do I have getting on another course?



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    The best thing to do is find the courses you are interested in and call the admissions tutors who will explain what you need to get a place. I dont know if ATT is enough alone but there are non A level courses that count and if you are a mature student they may overlook a lack of formal qualifications. Ultimately if there are places to fill they will be very willing to help you get on board.
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    Hi, I did the AAT then went on to do an accounting degree, so I wasn't quite in your position but I have some things that might help.

    When I was researching it I found that some universities had very different attitudes to the AAT than others. Some would let me start on the second year of an accounting course, but quite a few would have wanted me to start the first year.

    Having done it by going into the second year, I can see their point more clearly. I felt that although my subject knowledge was more than enough - several second year units recapped and then built on from what I'd done at AAT Technician - I missed quite a bit of the academic preparation of doing a first year.

    Also, you may find that the first year for related courses is identical. When I was at UEA, they did five different undergraduate business programmes, focussing more on Accounting, Management, Finance, etc. But everyone in the business school's first year was the same so they all got a taste of everything.

    As Vlee says, it's worth speaking to admissions tutors for courses you're interested in. You'll probably find that a few places will let you into the start of the first year on the strength of the AAT, especially if it's broadly business-related.
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    AAT level 3 counts for 160 UCAS points, so you can use those toward entry for an unrelated degree if you're using the traditional points system...I'm assuming you're looking at 'proper' uni study as the Open University will let you sit any course you like regardless.
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    I'm assuming you're looking at 'proper' uni study as the Open University will let you sit any course you like regardless.

    The Open University website and student registration advisers state that Modules at level 2 and 3 assume that you are suitably prepared for study at this level. If you want to take a single module to satisfy your career development needs or pursue particular interests, you don’t need to start at Level 1 but you do need to have adequately prepared yourself for OU study in some other way. Check with our Student Registration & Enquiry Service to make sure that you are sufficiently prepared.

    So yes, they will let you sit any course you like but I think you need to be careful in the choice you make and whether you go for a whole degree/masters etc. and whether you start at level 1 or 2. Some modules will naturally follow on from others and expect you to have prior knowledge, or perhaps you just select a unit or two which interests you and also see how you find studying with the Open University works for you.

    The student registration and enquiry service are very helpful. I would also recommend reading the section on financing your studies.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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