Credit management and control

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Is it still possible to submit workplace evidence and a witness statement for this module rather than sitting the cba?. The website states that from September the module is assessed through Secure Access yet when I spoke to the aat today they said workplace evidence was ok.

Any advice or clarification is welcome.



  • rwb
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    If you spoke to the AAT earlier and they said workplace evidence is ok then I guess that is your answer... I wouldn't know how to go about submitting this or getting it assessed as 'competent' though - may be worth another call to clarify that.

    Here's my 2pence though: I sat this paper towards the end of last year with very little credit control background (I work in practice) and found it the easiest paper I've done in the whole of my AAT studies (from level 2 up to level 4, just ICAS left to finish off). It may be worth just booking in and sitting the paper - if you have credit control experience I would imagine you would sail through with no problems.

    Good luck either way!
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