SAGE 50 E-Payments

JJH1969 Registered Posts: 110 ? ? ?
Hi has anyone out there set up epayments for a client? If so what has to be done?


  • peaman
    peaman Registered Posts: 123 ? ? ?
    Do you mean through Sagepay?

    I have never had to set it up myself, but I did learn about it when I did the Sage Certification exams (a few years ago).

    There is too much to put in a short message on this forum, if you google 'how to use sagepay' I am sure you will find some information.
  • JJH1969
    JJH1969 Registered Posts: 110 ? ? ?
    Not sure if I mean sagepay. I mean automating supplier payments with the bank I.E downloading a file and uploading to BACS payments
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