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Hello all,

I just thought I'd share with you all something I experienced today.

After a lot of panicking and searching on the forums of people's opinions on CRS cbt's being completely different to practice ones on the AAT website and different people's experiences with the exams of how they did the exam with seconds to spare and that they really struggled because there's a lot to learn and remember etc etc I was really nervous about what to expect and started doubting myself thinking that there must be information that I've missed or haven't learnt as I before reading the threads I felt really confident.

So today was exam day and to my surprise it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought. I knew everything I needed to know and whilst there were a few questions I had to think about because of the wording it was fine and I passed.

It just goes to show that everyone learns differently and what one person finds hard someone else may not. If you are confident that you know the syllabus and how to apply the knowledge you've learnt then that's the main thing. Try not to let other people's experience fill you with dread and panic like i did because we're all different!

Sorry this has turned into an essay but I wanted to share with people who may be feeling like I was...


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    And thank you for your advice, I have my CRS exam in a few weeks and I was a little concerned when i read all the complaints..
    What I also liked to convince myself was that if I wasnt comfortable with the idea of a different layout or format to an exam to what I'm used to, then I wasn't ready for the exam!

    Just as an aside - this is what I love about this forum! People don't just post threads when they want something from someone... :001_smile:

    Thanks again
    Here to help
    ~AAT Qualified~
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