Indirect Tax Exam

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I'm doing this paper by distance learning, and according to the book there is some online reference material that we're supposed to use. Does anyone know where it is?! Inability to find it is not a great start...



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    Hello Ben

    It has been a while since I studied this module but only used a book. The online reference material that is mentioned could be the pop up menu in the ITX exam. Have you looked at the practice assessments or are you still studying the text?

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Ben
    Is advise opening up one of the practise assessments as this will show you on the side the reference material available to you in the exam. It does make it a lot easier with how much you need to remember. X
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    Attachment not found.

    If attachment doesnt work.. go to this link tax reference material

    Its the 7th line on the list:
    ITX Reference material for 2013 assessments for upload

    I just passed my exam, and this is what you need to be studying. And the VAT Return. But you get a copy of it on screen which is easy to view.

    Good Luck
  • Ben GadsbyBen Gadsby Just Joined Posts: 2Registered
    Thanks guys - I see it. Feel better now!
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