An Accountants Weekend

Makkusu Registered Posts: 94 💫 🐯 💫
What do you guys spend your weekends doing?

Out with friends? Colleagues? Studying? Time with families?

I'm intrigued because I feel like a bit of an oddball at the moment. :)


  • janwal
    janwal Registered Posts: 1,189
    I spend Saturday shopping and seein my Mum and Dad and the on a Sunday I cook and study.

    Juat not enough days in the weekend :lol:
  • BeccaLouJ9
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    Studying! :)

    Saturday I generally study for about 4 hours and then see some family for the rest of the day.
    On sunday I do very little! It's great! I have a yummy roast with my bf, do a bit of housework maybe (not really) and just lounge about. Because I work hard and deserve to eat rubbish and watch even more rubbish on the tele! :)

    Do what you want, if you want to be an oddball, nothing wrong with that! :)

    B x
    (Occassionally there is some exercise in there somewhere but not often!)
  • mandatory
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    My weekends aren't very exciting! :( I have to catch up on studying CIMA during study season, and I also study Japanese in my spare time (although I often question if I have 'spare time' anymore!) so I work on that too. Saturdays I'm usually running around doing shopping and seeing family/friends, and on Sunday I take it easy, play trombone and cook, and end my weekend by catching up on documentaries I've missed in the week. :)
  • billdoor
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    Spend time relaxing with my girlfriend, the only constant is that we try and have good meals as we tend to eat vegetables during the week. Other than that we'll watch tv/films, go to football, read or go out somewhere.

    This weekend she was working so I went to the football on Saturday (which was crap) and visited my brother on Sunday. Very much the high life.:laugh:
  • jenny3549
    jenny3549 Registered Posts: 472
    Oh God! I feel really sad! Saturday spent 8 hours studying then evening with bf, Sunday 6 hours studying (after getting up very late). Think I'm getting too obsessed with ACCA. My house really, really needs a damn good clean!

    I need to ban myself from the books before it's too late...
  • SamiH
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    my weekend is spent catching up on housework, with a few hours of study chucked in for good measure.

    Visit the in-laws for a few hours every saturday, so it gets me out :)
  • guinea pig
    guinea pig Registered Posts: 402
    when I completed AAT last summer at first I felt "lost" at weekends as I had spent the previous 3 years studying! how sad is that? whilst I was studying, my other half was great at helping with the housework, and now I am disappointed to get that task back!
    So Saturdays, I start early with a swim, then onto some housework/shopping/meeting friends & family/watching rubbish tv/eating out/parties and generally relaxing.
    I know I should be doing CPD, today we finished work at lunchtime due to horrendous snow, and I have got started with some studying for advanced spreadsheets. Forecast for tomorrow is bad, so maybe another snow-day, and chance for CPD/housework/rubbish tv etc.
  • Clarekaye
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    I try and study Saturday afternoons while the boyfriend is working then Sunday we are doing DIY/dirt bikes/horse riding/mountain biking but this year my sisters getting married so few hours are spending time with her :)
    I study between 7-10 mon- thurs and dont get home till 6.45 some nights so I deserve my lie in on saturdays :thumbup: I miss cooking though, end up eating frozen foods rather than home cooked meals which sucks!
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