how many paid holiday days am I entitled to

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Hi everyone,

I am writing with another payrol question (I am aat student but I am not doing payroll course so I am not sure about payroll).

I work in average 30 hours per week. I am bar staff. I work 5 days per week (6 hours per day - sometimes less sometimes more but it is almost never less that 30 hours per week, if anything it is more). I do not get paid bank holidays and when I work on bank holidays I get paid normal rate per hour. My employer tells me that I am entitled to 25 days of paid holiday. I calculated my paid holiday days on website and it says that I am entitled to 28 days of paid holiday. Am I wrong thinking that I should be able to have 28 days of holiday? Is it different for bar staff??I am confused :( Please can anyone help. I will be very grateful. Thanks, Magda


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    Hi Magda,
    I suggest that you look at the ACAS website; and go to annual holiday entitlement. It get more complicated for part time workers, even if they work on 5 days a week, as the entitlement is pro rata. I don't know how many hours equate to full time - at my work place its 37 hours per week, but I know that it varies with different organisations. ACAS also has a helpline that you can ring for advice.
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    Thank you very much for your help :)
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