Financial Statements- Kaplan books 2011-2012

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I'm a self study pupil who has been buying just the books and using online resources. I brought my financial statement resources during last year. Does anyone have experience with Kaplan books and how much they are updated between years. I'm happy to buy 2013 edition if it will be different and 2012 version will be detrimental to me passing the exam but I don't want to buy new resources if the only difference is a shiny new front cover.
If anyone has any thoughts on this it would be greatly appreciated


  • craigbrown2602
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    Hi Lucyloop,

    I had the same thing, got the books in 2012 and this year, the picture was different. I spoke to a tutor at one of my colleges and he said its basically the same thing. Keep your current book and good luck! :)
  • janwal
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    Hi Lucy

    Print off the Guidance on the AAT website to use along side, it will pinpoint anything extra to cover this year.

    Good luck

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