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Good Afternoon,

I'm sure I have read a previous thread about this, but I have searched and cannot find it ...

What do other people do to have a back up of data held offsite just in case....?

Many thanks for any suggestions:001_smile:


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    dropbox its great.
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    I think I have found the previous thread you were referring to:

    I hope this helps,
    Marie Noelle
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    Look at Carbonite, which is very reasonable costwise. Some people have security issues with Drop Box, although there are ways round this. But I've always been happy with Carbonite, having used it for a
    few years now.
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    Thank you!

    I will have a look at Dropbox and Carbonite :001_smile:
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    Another vote for Carbonite for me (although switching to hosted desktop in 2 weeks time).
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    crashplan - unlimited storage for £40 per year. comes down to roughly £30 per year for a 4 year licence.
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    Yeah I've used Crashplan too; brilliant software. As well as their own cloud-storage, you can backup to a remote location of your own at the same time, so you have multiple backup locations.
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    I would recommend you to try Ahsay Backup Software. It is finest backup software I have ever used with a lot of features. Once you try to get a benefit of this backup software.
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    Office 365 £7.80+at per user for always up to date on and offline office suite + email client for custom domains and 1TB per user on One drive. I think if you don't want the offline office suite it's only £3+ per user! Although I had issues syncing everything so went all out...

    Comes with 'IT level' business support which has been excellent so far.

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