Level 3, learning providers?!

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I am about to finish level two, which I have studied with eagle, they have been great for level 2 and I've really enjoyed their teaching style. However I cant help but feel that at level 3 I will need a bit of extra help such as online lectures? Can anyone suggest any learning providers that will be suitable?

Thanks :) :001_smile:


  • SandyHood
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    Have you contacted Eagle?

    There may be things that they can do.

    Online lectures do exist, and I can see them becoming more important as time progresses.

    Have you considered receiving tutoring?
    If so, where in the country are you based?
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  • Sonya Ashbarry
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    Hi Charlotte,

    I am really pleased to hear you've enjoyed our teaching style at eagle :) We work very conscientiously on our learning materials and service because we want you to enjoy learning as well as develop a comprehensive understanding of accounting.

    There are courses with online lectures out there but I believe they are more expensive than our distance learning course. I suppose it depends on what your budget is, how much you'd like to invest in your learning experience and how you feel you'd benefit from online lectures. It's worth giving a thought to what you might miss about eagle too.

    I wonder if you'd be able to give me or your mentor a call? We could chat through your options. It's in our interested to help our customers make decisions that are right for them so they achieve their ambitions so I hope you are able to call.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    Kindest regards

    Sonya - eagle
    01978 722511
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    I did Level 2 with BPP Online Classroom and their package included online lectures. They were done showing text relevant to the topic on the screen and a voiceover explaining what was going on, and the text would change as they talked i.e. boxes would be filled in with answers etc. It was pretty good.

    The BPP package also included a forum which the tutor would post on and questions could be asked on there, and your 'classmates' would leave messages too.
  • charlotte224466
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    Yeah Eagle has been great couldnt fault you at all! so informative and I absoloutely love the studdy buddy! its been my bible haha! Yeah I think I will give you a call Monday to discuss it, just feel like I mite need a bit more help now Im working full time.


  • Sonya Ashbarry
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    Look forward to hearing from you

    We look forward to hearing from you - have a lovely weekend. :001_smile:
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