failed cashmanagement..again!!!

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i failed my cash managment exam ths week for the 2nd time :(

passed the greenlight, online assessments and past bpp and osborne papers, took my time reading the qs and still failed.

im waiting for my feedback to see where i have really went wrong - is it me or are the live papers a lot harder and misleading?

Im putting off resitting until im confident i will pass. Can anyone recommend any other revision links?


  • Sharon28
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    Hi there

    I failed it 3 times and felt like you i passed on my 4th attempt , i passed all the green lights and passed papers all i can say is keep at it and gen up on the areas you keep failing on

    Good Luck

  • Alfiedodee
    Alfiedodee Registered Posts: 16 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    thanks Shaz...its just so disheartining as Im the same..I know I can do it but when I sit down to do it I dont know what goes wrong. Both papers I have sat have been totally different to the online papers.

    Im going to leave this to last I think...I need to pass so i dont have to deal with it at L4!
  • SandyHood
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    Dear Alfiedodee

    If you go to college, I recommend contacting your tutor. It is very disheartening when you work very hard and then miss out on an exam. You have my sympathy.
    What might have happened could be that your coverage of the standards was incomplete. The Cash Management unit standards are quite broad, too broad to be represented fully in one or two practice exams. These exams are super in terms of the level of complexity expected and the time pressure you might expect in the real thing. They are not designed to show you the extent of the standards that might be assessed so they will often not cover everything in the standards.
    Ask your tutor to go through the standards with you. You could even print off the unit guidance notes which show the amplification by the examiner. That way he or she can outline how each of the standards can be assessed and your subsequent revision can then be more comprehensive.

    Best wishes

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