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A long shot I know, but does anyone know if the accounting course offered on Groupon today would be of any use as supplementary study material for someone nearing the end of Level 2 AAT?


  • ExcelAnt
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    Hmm, I criticize these as they are bare bones and simplified. The actual AAT course is far superior, get the books and study them. I also want to criticize their graphic on the groupon page CT calc =20% of GP. Incorrect CT is on NP, But I can't expect the graphic designer to be an accountant, but someone should've checked that :)

    That said, The AAT focuses on technicalities of many aspects of accounts, this seems to be quite practical, and useful knowledge.

    For £20 the syllabus is relatively extensive

    I kind of feel there is a catch somewhere, but if you are unaware of what some of these areas involve (registering new employees etc) i'd say its £20 well spent.

    Exactly with the AAT you will get out what you put in.
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