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Not sure if this is the right place for this!

I am in need of some QuickBooks help, I work in practice and at the moment our only QBs savvy person is me... and I don't know a great deal. Are there courses or anyone willing to help me out getting me head around it? I can do the basic things and get reports etc but its the 'getting around' efficiently that's the problem. I am good with Sage so hoping a couple of hours I can pick up QBs as I have the accounting knowledge, I just need to learn QBs.

Or are there any online vidoes/courses I could do? I have some of the QBs for dummies books so is it just worth while spending a day going through these and having a play? How did you learn/pick it up? I picked up Sage by doing it and have over 4 years with it, I need to learn QBs yesterday though!

Any ideas, suggestions greatly welcomed. I'm in Sussex near to Brighton.

Many thanks!


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    Hi, google quickbooks East Sussex, and see if any local training companies or colleges come up.
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