HELP - ICAS panic

I have looked on my learn plus site to see if my tutor had marked my second draft on my ICAS project to find the assessment has been removed for being out of time.

My case study was loaded on 20 November 2012, so i believe i have 6 months to do up to 5 drafts and 4 months to load my first draft.

I have e-mailed my tutor to see what is going on here.

Can anyone else help me here on what i should do?


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Omega Man

    Try not to panic and hopefully your tutor will be in touch soon.

    I think you should be ok as you had uploaded your first draft before the deadline day.

    Let us know what your tutor says.

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  • Nps
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    Are you sure it's been removed? After my first draft, mine was shown as EXPIRED and looked as though it couldn't be accessed. It was still there though and the expired status made no difference at all (I'd only had my case study for a few weeks so I certainly wasn't out of time either).

    Are you sure it hasn't been marked as competent and passed on for Internal Verification, as mine disappeared completely at that stage?
  • omega man
    omega man Registered Posts: 283
    My tutor has said not to worry and that she still has it on her desk to mark, more than 2 weeks after she received it.
    It is very disconcerting when something like this happens.
  • WAD2001
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    Dont worry your learning provider are the only ones that can extend the deadline The AAT do not have any input with these deadlines.
  • omega man
    omega man Registered Posts: 283
    It is now back on my learn plus as the 20th May. I am just waiting an eternity for my second draft to be marked now.
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