Numbery or wordy?

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Hi, I've just received my level 3 text books an was just looking for a bit of info as to which to tackle first.

Basically which ones would you consider to be mostly based on calculations / numbers and which ones words.

I expect Professional Ethics is wordy, and VAT is numbery. But am unsure on the rest.

Also, do any of the modules recommended to be completed before others? like AP1 before AP2.


p.s. here's the list of text books, excluding Excel as I am confident in that.

Costs and Revenues
Cash Managment
Professional Ethics


  • taraskyn
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    What order should I complete the papers in?

    Level 2
    Basic Accounting I (BAI) must be completed before Basic Accounting II (BAII). The Computerised Accounting (CMPA) should follow after the Basic Accounting papers. Basic Costing (BCCG) and WEAF can be completed at any stage (either before or after the Basic Accounting papers).

    Level 3
    Accounts Preparation I (API) must be completed before Accounts Preparation II (APII). The other papers can follow in any order with as long as the Costs and Revenue (CRS) and Cash Management (CMGT) papers are attempted after the Accounts Preparation papers.

    Level 4
    It is preferable that the Financial Statements (FNST) paper be completed before the optional External Auditing (EXA) paper. Budgeting (BGT) must be completed before Financial Performance (FNPF) and these 2 papers should be studied one after the other (or at the same time). If both tax papers are chosen then it is preferable if Personal Tax (PTX) is studied before Business Tax (BTX) although both could again be studied at the same time. The Internal Control and Accounting Systems (ICAS) project should not be studied alongside any other paper due to the intensive regular work required to complete the project.
  • Rachie278
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    I would say Professional Ethics is the only one that is wordy.

    As for order, I do some of my exams on the same day as it means I get a bit of discount off of the Admin Fee at my local centre so I did

    AP1 and AP2 together

    then I did
    Cash Management and Prof Ethics - failed Prof Ethics so need to resit!

    At present im studying SPSW to sit by itself, then I'm going to do ITX and my Prof Ethics re-sit together as ITX is a nice little topic.

    I'm going to sit Costs and Revenue last, mainly because I am going to continue straigh away with Level 4, and its my understanding that Budgeting and Financial Performance follow on nicely from C & R

  • steve2008
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    Thanks Rachie, That's what I wanted to hear. I really disliked WEAF. I'll need some serious motivation to open the Professional Ethics book, glad to hear that the rest are my cup of tea.

    Currently i'm thinking of doing AP1, AP2 and SPSW together to start off with. I don't get a discount, but it's 1 hours travel to my closest exam center.

    I might tack ITX on to the end if I finish studying the others quicker. Last time I did BA1, BA2, Costing and WEAF together.
  • Rachie278
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    That sounds like a plan batman!

    Good luck :001_smile:
  • Kris1990
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    Sit API & APII first then the rest can be sat in any order you want. I'll be sitting CRS last and like Rachie will be going straight onto Budgeting and Financial Performance. This might be an idea for you if you plan on sitting level 4 straight after you complete level 3.
  • Kinglee89
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    PEAF is very wordy, but if you plan to become SE then alot of it will be usefull when running your practice.

    I was hoping to sit AP1 and 2 next week but i have had to put it back to the 10/04 so my timetable will be as follows

    AP1 & AP2 10/04
    PEAF & IDX 25/04
    SPSW &CMGT 30/05
    CRS 1st week of July

    I am hoping to get Level 3 finished by July as im due to get married in August :001_tt1: and i want to finish Level 4 before the end of Feb 2014.
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