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Hi folks

Has anybody bought one of these packages to do some trading from home? I had a leaflet dropped through the letter box the other day advertising such a package developed by a Vince Stanzione. Has anybody heard of him? It claims that large amounts of money can be made by trading (working) from home, sitting in front of your PC and having internet access. The course costs Β£200, and provides free access to all sorts of resources on his (Vince Stanzione) website regarding trading, daily updates on price changes regarding stocks & shares etc, and software that helps you to trade.
Do you think it is worth the money and that I could make at least a small amount of money, or do you think I would be a waste of Β£200?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Geek

    Not seen/heard of this particular package however I do receive various emails about the same type of thing and delete them.

    Hopefully someone else may have a better idea and can respond to you.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • Bluewednesday
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    I always think that if it looks too good to be true then it probably is!
  • geek84
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    Hi Folks

    Thanks for all your thoughts.

    I came across this blog -

    Has anybody read this before?

    What so you think?
  • Neillaw
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    Hi Geek

    I have heard of him, this guy makes alot of money from spread betting.

    I have read one of his course manuals and it gives you basic buy and sell signals. If I was you I would get myself a demo account from financial spreads as it sounds easy written down but things can go wrong rather quickly.

    I actually use it to give me the heads up on the foreign exchange movements for Treasury work.

  • geek84
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    Thanks Neil.

    Would you be able to recommend any demo accounts?

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