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So i have just started my AP2 but am struggling to get the 'jist' of it. I study in the evenings so only get an hour n half every week. I found AP1 fairly easy but with AP2 i just dont know what i meant to be doing/working towards.

Can anyone summarise what i need to be concentrating on to pass the exam. I know from past experience that exams tend to focus on certain areas which you are questioned on and so i was wondering if you could tell me what i can concentrate my time on?

Thanks for your help


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    I'm afraid that I can't pin point specific areas for you to study as you need to have a thorough understanding and coverage of the syllabus. If you were directed to certain areas and then examined on one which you had not covered that would be terrible.

    What areas in AP2 are you having difficulties with?

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    From what I've read, the majority of people who sit API & APII find API the harder of the two. If you found API fairly easy then APII shouldn't be too difficult for you. You'll need to learn all of it as the exam covers all aspects of the APII sylabus, or at least my exam did.

    At the end of APII you'll be able to complete a Profit and Loss account, a balance sheet, account for depreciation and complete accounts from incomplete records. If what your learning doesn't make sense, keep at it as what I've found in Finance, particularly in work, is that you may not understand things at first but in time they 'click' and you wonder how you didn't understand them in the first place.
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    Hi Cazalino,

    I wanted to add to this thread because I've had to cram APII over the weekend (have exam on Wednesday) and it's mainly about knowing what to put on the income statements, statement of financial position and also on partnership accounts - profit sharing and goodwill, etc. This is from the past papers I've been attempting on here.

    I've passed API and found it OK but I'm really struggling with APII... I've passed 1 mock assessment but failed 2 and am panicking slightly :-( I really think I'm going to have to resit this one. Which is a pain as I have Costs and Revenues to sit in April which I'm equally not confident about!!!

    Ignore my ramblings... feeling rubbish today, have taken a day off work to try and attempt the exam papers and am failing so feel like I've wasted my time :-((
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