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I am trying to decide whether i am ready to sit the financial performance exam...can anyone
tell whether the practice assessments on AAT site are a realistic level for the actual exam.
I have completed a couple of the practice assessments with no problem and i have phoned
up Kaplan and they can fit me in for an exam late next me a bit more time..
i just cannot afford to waste £50 on failing an exam so need to make sure i am prepared..

any advice welcome

from someone dreaming about



  • WAD2001
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    I would not sit this exam until you are 100% confident with all aspects of the sylabus, I wouldn't advise you to also think that it is going to be anything like the online tests. The key is knowledge and interpretation of the information you will be provided with. Alot of students on this forum have exceeded in alot of the sections but failed due to the last question in section 2 (me included). Just memorising the formulas is not sufficient you need to understand and explain what they mean. As with the figures presented. I have taken this exam twice now and am waiting the results 5 and a half week wait already.
    If you understand all of the areas 110% then go for it but if not wait unbtil you are there is no point in rushing into it and knocking your confidence.

    Good luck!
  • eek
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    I passed this exam first time but I have to say it was the hardest exam I have sat. (Just got statements to do on level 4!!)
    If you are 100% happy with all the green light questions, the practice asessments and osbourne questions then I would say your ready. If you are still getting some of these questions wrong then I wouldnt put in for it.
    As the above post says - you have to know what your talking about for the written questions so make sure you know variances and effects inside out and you should be ok.

    Good luck
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