ICAS - first draft

SamiHSamiH Well-KnownPosts: 179Registered
yay, my first draft is done and its work based. I'm going to get my old manager to review it and hopefully authorise it tomorrow then get it uploaded.

A celebratory lager is in order :)


  • Jo ClarkJo Clark Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 2,526Registered
    Nice one Sami... I know it is a good feeling. Enjoy the lager :001_tongue:
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  • JetinaJetina Feels At Home Posts: 31Registered
    Well done Sami. I've still not started :'(
  • SamiHSamiH Well-Known Posts: 179Registered
    I thought you were making a start on it yesterday?

    My old manager is really happy with the report, but now its with his replacement as she has to sign it off.... not sure what she is going to make of it, lol!
  • JetinaJetina Feels At Home Posts: 31Registered
    Well I've done some of my introduction and a bit of planning :-)
  • SamiHSamiH Well-Known Posts: 179Registered
    Excellent, nice one hun :) x
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