AAT Practice Spreadsheet exam EDID history impossible to get onto one A4 sheet..

topcat Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 452
There is no way EBID history will fit onto one sheet even if landscape...

Unless someone knows otherwise?


  • taraskyn
    taraskyn Feels At Home LondonRegistered Posts: 41
    In landscape just scale it down to 70% or so and you'll be fine.:001_smile:
  • Spamkebab
    Spamkebab Well-Known Registered Posts: 233

    Go to page layout tab, click on the little arrow in the bottom right hand corner of 'scale to fit', tick the box for 'portrait' and tick the box for 'fit to' 1 page wide & 1 page tall. Then click ok.

    If you click on print preview under the print options it will show you how your workings have been altered to fit the page.
    I had a funny feeling about this as you can barely read the figures lol but that's the way it's done.


  • topcat
    topcat Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 452
    Thank you both. I followed your instructions and worked brilliant although like you say a big small
  • Spamkebab
    Spamkebab Well-Known Registered Posts: 233
    Oops sorry, Landscape is the correct format.

    Got mixed up..........

    glad you are sorted now though.

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