Webfiling at companies house

I filed accounts with HMRC dated 29/2/2012 online and then filed using companies house webfiling for the first time abbrieviated accounts. I have just found out that the date I entered was 28/2/2012. Obviously forget it was a leap year ........ I am sure I was not given an option and it defaulted to this date but can not be sure as I have only ever done 2 this way, I generally stick them in the post.
My problem is that I have just sent in revised abbrievated accounts to companies house in the post (29/2/2012) and they are rejecting them for being a different date to the first abb filed.
I am not sure how to get round this problem, any sugestions appreciated
Companies house have informed me to just change the date on the revised to 28/2/2012 but that would mean they are different to the date filed with HMRC.

Hope I have explained this enough.
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