RTI Payroll Package recommendations?

Jaffacake Registered Posts: 6 New contributor ?
Does anyone have any preference/ recommendation for an RTI compliant payroll package? My PAYE client base is expanding so I am looking for an efficient package, payslip printing included.


  • Laura8192
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    I use Moneysoft and chose that based on recommendations from here. Had no issues so far, easy to use, prints payslips and (importantly for me) is very reasonably priced.
  • babsa
    babsa Registered Posts: 118 ? ? ?
    I have been using moneysoft for 5 years. I have been filing RTI since December 2012. I have used Iris in the past and clients own Sage Payroll,(but got them to change to moneysoft as it does CIS at no extra cost.) Moneysoft is just fantastic. It's cheaper, support is great at no extra cost and it's user friendly.
  • Pea Pod
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    I have used Sage in the past and have just changed over to Moneysoft, which I have just used to file my first RTI submission. I had no problems at all and agree that it is easy to use, giving very good value for money compared to Sage.
  • Janej
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    I have been using Sage for many years in various jobs but I am just trialing Moneysoft Payroll Manager for my 2 payroll clients and it is so much better than Sage. To be honest it makes Sage look very outdated and "clunky". Its so easy to use, I havent filed my first RTI as yet but I am well impressed so far. Have a go at the free months trial and see how you get on.
    I tried payroo which is one of the free ones and found that not so good so I have back loaded the last 3 months payroll for one of my clients onto Moneysoft so I can do the year end on that instead. I will defo be buying a licence at the end of the trial.
  • Allan
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    We tried 12pay and Moneysoft and agree almost anything is better than Sage (without even factoring in the cost), but we settled for Brightpay in the end.

    I like everything from the look of it to the simplicity of using it.

    Shame it doesn't offer an annual pay period though and they've no intention of offering/adding it anytime soon they said when we asked them about it.:crying:
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