Business Tax result

Well got my business tax result today and i passed. I am just waiting for FNST that i took on 14th March.
Also, i am about to submit my 3rd Draft on my ICAS project but my printer has run out of ink to do the title page.
These are all i have left and i am tempted to go for ACCA after i am AAT qualified as i hate case studies now and cima has one if i go that route.


  • Jo Clark
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    Congratulations Omega Man :001_tongue:
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • Dahir Ahmed
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    I can't wait to finish level 4 and get cracking with the ACCA qualification (I'm planning on sitting at least 2 papers in the December sitting).

    Only 3 more modules plus ICAS standing in my way.
  • omega man
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    Jo - Thanks.
    Dahir - You have to get everything organised by 31st July i think for the December exams. I will be doing just one module at a time due to monetary constraints. So it will be F4 for me in December, i have decided to them in order.
  • Dahir Ahmed
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    I don't think that's the case. One could register/enter online for an exam with as little as a month (or thereabouts) left to the actual sitting (08th Nov for Dec exams and 08th May for June exams). However, that would cost a fortune.

    I'm planning on entering for the exams before 08th Sept and doing them in order as well.
  • Nps
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    I think Omega Man is referring to the official deadline which is set for getting your AAT exemptions accepted. However there is a way around this anyway. The ACCA booking system won't let you book an F4-9 exam if their records show you have not completed F1-3. All you have to do is say you are sitting F1-3 by CBA within the same sitting and then ensure the exemptions are accepted by the date of the exam. This is how I booked my F6 exam, as advised by ACCA themselves. I ended up sitting F1-3 anyway as was worried that my ICAS result wasn't going to be updated in time and I found it really useful revision.

    Of course this limits you to only sitting one written paper in December but you have plenty of time to claim the exemptions before then anyway so shouldn't affect your plans to sit 2 papers.

    Omega Man - if you have just done Business Tax, I would seriously look at doing F6 first as you will have already covered a good chunk of the syllabus.
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