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I have just been contacted by a stripper regarding her accounts. I have researched a great deal to make sure stripping and webcaming don't fall under proceeds of crime and I have asked her all the questions to make sure she is not doing anything that will be problematic but she comes across as honest and wanting to do the right thing.

She records all her income less of fees she pays to the venues. I asked if she could get receipts for it and she was adamant she couldn't as the other girls never collected receipts and it would be too difficult. She however informed me her previous accountant used to put an amount in her accounts for these fees. She has no idea where he got this amount from as the fees vary from venue to venue and she hadn't told him about it (her former agency recommended him so he might know something I don't know) :001_smile:

The previous accountant however said she couldn't claim use of home. I found that a bit puzzling as that is an expense I have paperwork for and can comfortably claim instead of making figures up for fees paid when she doesn't have records of those. She also webcams from home which for me makes her main place of work her home and the venues itinerant.

Am I missing something here?


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    If venue won't give her a receipt, she could record the venue name and fee paid separately. In the event of any
    query she has a full back-up details for HMRC to verify.

    Fully agree that use of home is allowable subject to usual justifiable calculation.
  • Antoinnette
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    Thanks Wal. That makes sense. I wasn't sure if HMRC will query it because there are no receipts to back it up. However I am pretty certain any tax inspectors will be familiar with the industry and will know they pay fees. So better to record it than not:001_smile:
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