Cash management level 3

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Hi! I was wondering if someone else is using old books for self study. Here is the thing: I have an 2003 Osborne "Costing and Reports" book (unit 6and 7) and it seems that the study material for cash management exam is not there, or maybe I'm wrong. I've finished module 12 an there are some more but it doesn't seem to have subjects with cash or management ,cash flows .........Please someone let me know if I'm wrong. Sorry for my english(not my first language)


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    I don't know for certain that the syllabus has changed but I would imagine it has in 10 years (or if those units even cover the same subjects).

    If you are self studying then you are placing all your reliance on the text book, so to me, I think you are taking a huge gamble in not using the most up to date text book. I appreciate people may use books which are a few years old but some syllabi may remain the same for a number of years, and I would hope that people check the official syllabus against the text books to ensure all the content is covered. Personally I couldn't be bothered to scrutinise a syllabus, so for me, spending a bit extra to get a brand new text book is money well spent.

    Imagine how gutted you would be to spend all that time revising, pay all that money for the exam, only to find you fail the exam, all for the sake of saving £15 on a new text book.

    PS - your English is fine!
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    The old units 6 and 7 are very different to the new cash management unit.

    I recommend that you study using current guidance. Perhaps start by looking at Cash Management in the level 3 section of MyAAT and then look at the Guidance Notes. This is the examiner's interpretation of the standards and a good indication of the knowledge and understanding that will be examined. I recommend class based courses.
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    I started my AAT 10 years ago and have just picked it up again and so much has changed in that time. If i was you i would have a look on ebay or amazon and get a new book. All of my tutorials are off of ebay and are 2nd hand but only a year old and i saved loads. All the tutorials for £20 :thumbup1:
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    thank you everyone for your answers. Today I've started looking for "new" books on ebay.With a little bit of luck I'll find them soon.
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    May be worth searching Amazon.

    I used 'Amazon trade in' to sell all my AAT BPP books back to them, so presumably they sell them on somewhere within the Amazon group.

    You can also see how much they will buy the books back off you so you might consider it worthwhile to buy brand new, knowing that you will at least get some of it back when you finish with them. The prices they paid varied from book to book and ranged from 20p to £6 (there seemed to be no logic as to which ones were worth £6 and which ones were only worth 20p.

    Alternatively you can try Unfortunately I didn't discover them till after I finished AAT, but they seemed to be cheaper than everywhere else, and you can get 20% off BPP books with the code BPPFOY2, making them even better value. By the time you've added postage to any books you find on eBay, you might find its actually cheaper to buy new.
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    thank you so much Nps1976 for your advice!!!!! I'm "running" to the site and look for the books.
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    On a minor note - the 2003 standards had Cash Management as part of Level 4 Unit 15 so it would not have appeared in your Level 3 units 6 & 7. Remember Cash Management is moving back to Level 4 as an optional unit in September and this year's unit cannot not be used for direct APEL. Good luck.
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