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Amy Smith
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Hello :001_smile:

This is more a post on behalf of my brother and any advice would be warmly welcomed!

He is 21, and reaching the end of his Accounting and Business degree. At the moment, he's having a bit of a panic because he doesn't know what to do after he has graduated...

I believe he's trying to find a job at an accountancy firm where he will be paid to work and train for ACCA/ACA/CIMA...

Any thoughts? Is this the correct path to take? Does anyone know of anywhere hiring for such a role?

Thanks in advance :001_smile:

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  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi Amy,
    I think studying chartered accountancy is a good path for your brother, if he is happy to put in the hard work.
    The best way to start would be to contact the different bodies or go on their website to see which one is best suited for him. A while ago I had a look into ACA (ICAEW website) and they have a list of employers taking on graduates.
    I am sure others on the forum will have some advice for your brother.
    Good luck,
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