how do you keep up to date with tax changes etc

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I belong to a local business network where people can advertise etc. have just received an email from a local accountant talking about changes to self assessment, new info regarding the new scheme and registering for vat, changes in capital allowances.

My question is I have heard oohing about this, I try to read everything new on HMRC updates etc, read accounting web and on here but I have obviously missed all this which frankly scares me! I don't work in practice.

How do you keep up to date? Thank you



  • T.C.
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    It's always difficult to keep up with everything, but you can just read everything that you can, check out the websites and keep an eye on these forums. If someone asks about something you don't know, just research that and get back to them. No-one (well no-one I have met so far in life) knows everything. Don't worry.
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    Is there an AAT branch within reasonable distance ? If so keep an eye out for branch meetings, as these tend to cover
    the very topics you mention. And they're free to attend.
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