Payroll how much to charge?

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I thought it would be handy to see how much people are charging for the last of the P35's and also directors payroll under RTI, I find this area a bit difficult to decide, if its a nil declaration I don't charge anything, otherwise its £50-£75 for end of year but under RTI I would be interested to hear what other professionals think is fair?


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    We charge £50 for a nil return (you are still filing so why do it for free!) and £150 for a one man limited company. Moving forward we now charge a minimum £200 (including 1 man co), all our clients have been happy with this so far but we have written to them all in March with a fact sheet explaining the additional work required under RTI.

    Also previously for one man co we would just send a P60 at the end of the year. We are now emailing payslips on a monthly basis as we have to run the payroll monthly under RTI and we are invoicing quarterly. So slight increase in fee plus improvement in cashflow (RTI isn't all bad - there I've said it!!!)
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    We run all payrolls monthly, including directors. RTI is one checkbox at the start of the scheme, and then no further work. Thus, prices the same. £75pa for directors payroll.
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    Mostly included within total fee charged, but where not we have been charging £75. That goes back to when online
    filing first started and HMRC paid an incentive to encourage take-up.

    May well have to review for those clients with weekly paid employees, due to being supposed to file RTI submissions
    weekly. Hoping to get away with doing it monthly in view of HMRC concession - till October anyway.
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