Change of accounting reference date

Here's one I've not come across before; clients first accounting period begins 10 June 2011, originally therefore ending 30 June 2012. The client decided to shorten the AP themselves to 31 March 2012, but didn't mention it to me. CH haven't changed the due date for the accounts (7 May 2013) but, of course, the CT600 is now late because of the shortened accounting period.

So we're now in to the 3rd AP for the client, the first up to 31 March 12, the second up to 31 March 13, so being in April, we're now in the AP ended 31 March 2014. At CH, you can amend the length of an AP in either the current period, or the period immediately prior. I want to change the first period though... Can I? And, if so, how?

Thanks all,

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