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Got my results for financial performance yesterday and was wondering if anyone knew where i could see my feedback? My tutor usually gives it us but we are not back studing till next week would like to have a look over it now if i could



  • MarieNoelle
    MarieNoelle Registered, Moderator Posts: 1,368
    I am afraid you will have to wait. I was told last year that AAT were looking into making it accessible on MyAAT - maybe one day?
  • sarah2266
    sarah2266 Registered Posts: 49 Epic contributor 🐘 have just prompted me as i got my financial performance result a couple of weeks ago but i study distance
    learning so i have just phoned AAT and you need to speak to the exam provider..mine is Kaplan so i have just phoned them and they are emailing me...hope this helps

  • Natlewis
    Natlewis Registered Posts: 8 Regular contributor ⭐
    You would think they would send it with your results seen as it isn't a detailed feedback anyway :/ like you say maybe one day.....
  • Chelle
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    Can you not email your tutor and ask them to send it to you via email?

    Mine has done this previously for me and I'm emailing her today to ask the same again.
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