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I have just completed my AAT and I am looking for what to do next. I currently work in practice and I am thinking about doing either ACCA or ATT but i just don't which is more relevant?

I just need a bit of advice about what I will be exempt from for each one and which is more worth my time?



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    You will be exempt from F1-3 of ACCA. If you took Business tax at level 4, you will be exempt from the Business tax unit of ATT.

    As for which is more worth your time, there will be others who are much more qualified to advise. To my mind, they achieve different things. The following is just my humble opinion - ACCA is obviously a chartered qualification and gives you wide ranging knowledge. ATT is more specialist but is not chartered and you wouldn't gain the all round knowledge of ACCA. ACCA will take you longer and is the 'higher' qualification (though there is also a chartered tax qualification which is the level above ATT).

    I've previously read advice from people who say that if you are in practice, then ATT may be more useful but I am only repeating advice from others as I personally don't know.

    If you are ACCA qualified you get some exemptions from ATT, but I don't think you get any exemptions from ACCA for being ATT qualified.

    Personally I really enjoyed tax and looked at ATT, however I want a chartered 'all round' qualification so went for ACCA. Depending on where I end up working I would consider completing ATT or the chartered tax qualification at a later date or alongside ACCA.
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    Hi sammy was wondering if you had found anywhere you are going to do acca if you carry on? I can see you are not far from me I am thinking of doing the 1st year of acca at Tameside college where I currently study as they do it there but from there on I'm not sure
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