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Hello everybody,

I've submitted the plan and received feedback that it was good. I am now ready to start writing the report but need guidance as to how to lay it out. Is there any example plans available or can anyone help me as to how to set the report out?

Thanks in advance


  • Jo Clark
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    Great news about the feedback on your plan. Who are you completing ICAS with?

    I completed ICAS with BPP and there was an example report giving guidance on layout etc. in the text/tutorial book.

    I'm not sure if the example assessment on AAT website has any details regarding layout etc.

    You need a cover page, index, section headings, possibly sub sections, paragraph number (helps with mapping) as well as page number, again this helps with the mapping. Oh and you will have appendices.

    Good luck.

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  • Hananza33
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    I managed to find loads of info on AAT about ICAS but they have it all under "Unit 10."

    Hope that helps and good luck!

  • missm4ry4m
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    How do you get to Unit 10?
  • Hananza33
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    In your MyAat, on the left hand side theres a heading "Computer based assessments" click on assessments types. On the right hand side theres a heading "More News" and underneath there are some subheadings titled Unit 10 frequently asked questions, unit 10 project, unit 10 help page etc.

    Just came across it yesterday. :001_smile:
  • Malcolm Green
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    Hi Missm,

    I have attached for you a link for the AAT ICAS PDF report guide to have a look at:


    Click on the ICAS listing and you will see the guide.

    We have also produced a quick start report guide for one of our student revision workshops and I have set out below the link for this as well:


    I trust you will find this information of assistance and good luck with your project.
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