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I have uploaded my first draft and received positive feedback from my tutor with 6 points which i need to consider, one of them being:-

""how does a flat organisation structure influence the accounting system in terms of responsiveness to change and the ability to rectify errors. Try to link to EAS 1.1: is the accounting system suited to the type of transactions it is processing.""

I don't really understand what this is asking,can anyone please advise?

Many thanks in advance:001_smile:


  • Malcolm Green
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    I have attached for you a copy of the AAT ICAS guidance notes which you may find of assistance as these should give you a better understanding of what your tutor is looking for under EAS 1.1.

    Attachment not found.

    Just based on your brief comments.

    The first point to be clear about is what the system is expected to do and what are the needs of the users and is it "fit for purpose"

    I think when looking at this in the context of dealing with a flat organisational structure you can often come across a number of operational problems/conflicts.

    For example are we looking at several different teams looking to use/access the system and will they all have different needs for it etc.

    If so will this then mean that a system to keep everyone happy or just do the job needed will have to be a compromise at best and is this the most effective way for the operation/running of the business.

    A further consideration should be that what might be important and a requirement for one team/department is not viewed as relevant by another.

    However this could have major implications for the business in respect of compliance requirements etc.

    I trust you will find this information of some assistance and all the best with the rest of your report.
  • Clareymary
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    Hi Malcolm

    Many thanks for your reply, I will have a look at the attachment.

    My second assessment has been marked, i am now down to 4 points, with my deadline being 8th May so still lots to work on!! :001_smile:
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